Final Preparation For Publication

1. Format of Final Contributions

Upon acceptance of an article, the author or authors are asked to submit the final manuscript. The final manuscript may be prepared using Han-Geul Word.

2. Author Supplied Electronic Graphics

Preferred file type is vector drawing such as EPS or WMF. If bitmap format is used, preferred one is TIF at a resolution of at least 300 dpi for color photos and at least 900 dpi for line art with minimum width of 100 mm (4 inches). Figures should contain only the image and not the caption.

3. Author Biographies

All authors may include biographies at the end of regular papers. The first paragraph may contain the author’s educational background is listed. The degrees should be listed with type of degree in what field, which institution, city, state or country, and year degree was earned. Next, the author major field of study is listed.

4. Page Proofs

Page proofs and reprint order forms are sent to the corresponding author, together with a copyright transfer form if not submitted yet. It is advised that editing is limited to the correction of typographical errors, incorrect data, and grammatical errors, and for updating information on references which were in press. The results of page proofs should be sent immediately by e-mail, or if signed proofs, sent by FAX, preferably within 2 business days.